About us

Decorweb is a Portuguese company founded in 2011 by professionals with extensive experience in the decoration market, especially in solar protection systems for interior and exterior, curtains, decoration and textiles for hotels.

We try to respond in an integrated way to the needs of our customers, finding customized and innovative solutions for the various markets in which we operate, and currently we export 80% of our products to Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

Combining diverse skills such as experience, professionalism, innovation and competitive prices, we believe that we have made a difference in the decoration market, and in the last 6 years we have expanded our range of offers and clients.

We are a consistent and united team of professionals, whose main objective is to satisfy the needs of its customers, producing and selling quality products and providing excellent services.

The offer of products and services is based on a rigorous work of the Decorweb team, who daily look for the best solutions in the market in which it is inserted.

We believe we have the know-how to operate in such distinct markets as Portuguese, Angolan and Mozambican, and win new customers with our competitive advantages.

Decorweb provides its clients with a global solution offering, achieved through partnerships with their various suppliers.

We are able to respond to the demanding needs of the market, through specialized partners that allow us to offer the best solutions to our customers in a fast, safe and efficient way.